Logging in to Google Apps

 How to Log in to your Google Apps account


Go to:


...in any web browser and enter your existing WISD Google Apps user name and password.

Your user name depends on whether you are a staff member or a student.

Staff members: the user name will be firstname.lastname@apps.wylieisd.net and initial password is MyWyFi2013.  You will be prompted to change your password.

Students: the user name is a combination of the first 3 characters of your last name followed by first 3 characters of your first name and finally the last 3 digits of your student id. For example, the username for John Smith would look like this: smijoh123@apps.wylieisd.net. The password is the same password used to log in to a district networked computer.

Please note that if your name contains any special characters, such as a dash or apostrophe, you will not enter these characters.

Watch this quick intro to Google Apps
Google Apps overview Video (3 min): A high-level introduction to Gmail, Google Calendar, and some of the other new apps you'll be working with.